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You know you need a credit card, but you don't want to put a whole lot of time into sorting through all the paperwork and fine print that comes with the large stack of credit card offers that have come in. You are not alone. Many people want to be able to get a credit card and know they are getting a good deal, without feeling like they have to do doctorate level research to sort through all the options.


Instead, just look at the low-down of what you need to know about those credit card offers. Here are the things that you may want to look for in order to get the best deal:

  • Reward Programs - Many credit cards today are not just a way to charge your purchases, but are also a great way to earn a little something back. These are called rewards cards. Every time you use these cards, you will add up points. These could translate to frequent flyer miles, cash back or any of a number of rewards that will be given to you by your credit card companies. These cards often have an annual fee, but if you use the card regularly, and can use the rewards it offers, it may well be worth it.
  • Low and No Interest Rates - To get you in the door, many credit cards offer very low or 0% interest rates on an introductory basis. This is a great thing to have if you need to make a major purchase or want to transfer a balance from a high interest credit card, in an attempt to pay it off. The important thing to remember is that this is an introductory rate. It will eventually end. You need to know what the regular interest rate will be at that point to make sure it is something you are comfortable paying.
  • Credit Line Increases - If you are a big spender, or periodically like to make a large purchase, you need to make sure you will have a line of credit that will allow you to do all the charging you need for those buys. Some companies will start with a very low line of credit and increase it over time. Often there are charges for these credit increases. Find out what the credit limits will be to start and what it takes to increase them.
  • Cash Advance - You never know when you will need a little emergency cash. It is best to make sure your credit card will be there to help you out when such an emergency arises. Look into the cash advance options from the credit card companies. Many will give you checks that you can write, like a normal check, which will be charged to your credit card. Others will let you use your credit card in an ATM machine to withdraw money immediately. There are often charges for these services, so know what they are before you take advantage of this convenience.
  • Online Payment Convenience - If you are a paperless kind of person, make sure you choose a credit card company that offers online payment conveniences. From transferring money to and from your bank account to pay your credit card on time, to being able to set up your monthly household bills for an auto-pay plan through your credit card, it's nice to have the convenience of being able to do it all in one place.
  • Hidden Fees - Sometimes it is what you don't know that can hurt you. In this case, we are talking about hidden credit card fees. There are many small fees often buried in the fine print of a credit card agreement. While you may not care about them up front, once your bill comes in, and you are inundated with excess charges, you may start to care, a lot.

As you start to figure out what you may want, need or want to avoid in a credit card, you can start your shopping. While you may not want to read all the details to a credit card plan, at least put a little time into making sure you will get the card that will best suit your needs.

Below you'll find our current top picks for June 2018. These are all great cards and which you prefer will come down to what you're looking for most in a credit card.


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