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As you search for a better credit card offering the lowest interest rate in the Australian market, you'll want to compare several different low rate credit cards. Each credit card is unique, and while some may have attractive promotions, you also need to consider what will happen after you secure that credit card and begin using it. There are some excellent deals out there for those Australians that qualify for these cards.

Here is a look at several particularly low rate credit card offers from the Australian marketplace. Consider how well they fit with your needs and unique requirements. This will assist you in learning how to identify the best low rate credit card for your individual situation.

A good place to start when comparing your credit card offers is, of course, with the lowest interest rates available but that's not always all there is to it. Please bear in mind that the following figures change rapidly and you'll need to be aware of that as you search.


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St.George Vertigo Credit Card

The St.George Vertigo Credit card offers some unique benefits including:

  • Low interest rate on new purchases, as low as 13.24% p.a.
  • It also offers 0.00 percent interest on balance transfers, for 8 months. Fees could apply for the transfer, though.
  • Considered one of the lowest fee credit cards in the country, according to Money Magazine in 2008
  • Get up to 55 days worth of interest free charges on purchases you make and pay off during that time
  • Good rewards programs

This card is an ideal choice for those that may have some credit with another company with a higher interest rate and would like to transfer the rate to another credit card with a low interest rate. The introductory 8 months of interest free charges on your balance transfers will allow you to have 8 months to pay down any debt you transfer. All other purchases you make in that time still get you a relatively low interest rate, too. This makes it an excellent deal for many people.

If you like the sounds of this card you can read more about the St.George Vertigo Credit Card or apply for the St.George Vertigo Credit Card now.

Citibank Clear Credit Card

Citibank's Clear Credit Card is also an excellent choice. It gives you many advantages that the last credit card does, including 0.00 percent p. a. on balance transfers for 6 months. This card, though, also offers a competitive interest rate at 11.99%. Citibank is a highly regarded financial institution, so you are safe using it. This card also provides you with 55 days worth of interest free purchases on retail purchases you make that qualify.

If you like the sounds of this card you can read more about the Citibank Clear Credit Card
or apply for the Citibank Clear Credit Card now.

Final Word

Consumers who know that they will be forced to carry a balance on their credit cards always want to find the cards with the lowest interest rate. Finance Comparison has collected information on many low rate credit cards, all with a low apr, in order to help you compare low rate credit cards and make an educated choice as to which card will best meet your needs.

Many credit cards offer a good promotional balance transfer rate, but few offer a competitive rate on balances that are carried from month to month. The best low rate credit cards, on the other hand, keep the interest charges low on continuing balances, allowing consumers to save a great deal of money on their credit card payments. Aussie, ANZ, Citibank, and St.George and many more all offer low-rate cards, so it should not be difficult for any resident of Australia to get a credit card that will be a money saver over the long haul.
When other credit cards are considered in comparison, low rate credit cards are certainly some of the most customer-friendly credit cards in Australia today. Apply now to see if you qualify for one of the cards listed on the above table.

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