What is a gold credit card and where should I get one?

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There are so many credit cards flooding the Australian market today that it can seem difficult to find the right one for your circumstances. In actual fact the huge number of cards on the Aussie market means that there is a credit card to suit almost every situation. To simply the choice for you, we've compared a rnage of leading credit cards in Australia to assist you find the right one..

Simply browse by category and compare each one, then click on the apply now links for a secure online application.

Many credit card companies offer gold credit cards. The good news is that credit card companies compete with these cards too, helping you get a better card. Unfortunately, each gold card program is unique and there isn't just one definition of what the gold standard is. You'll need to be a savvy consumer and compare each of these cards before selecting one of them.

Gold Credit from Reputable Credit Lenders

Those that have a good credit score may be able to qualify for gold or platinum credit cards. Both gold and platinum credit cards tend to have a higher maximum credit limit than a regular credit card. One example is the Gold Visa Card from ANZ. While all the gold credit cards on offer are different, by looking at this example you can see the types of things these credit cards work.

The Gold Credit Card from ANZ offers you:

  • Interest free credit for up to 55 days for your purchases when you pay your monthly outstanding balance in full
  • 90 Day Purchase Security Insurance
  • Commission free travellers cheques
  • Extended Warranty Insurance
  • Credit limit as high as $25,000
  • Comprehensive Overseas Travel and Medical Insurance

Make sure you compare credit cards and gold credit card offers to determine which has the best services to offer. Instead of just choosing a card for it's 'colour' make sure you compare the features and functionality of all the different cards on the market to find out if a gold card is the most appropriate one for you.

Main Features in Gold Credit Cards

As mentioned above, gold credit cards tend to have higher monthly spending limits and often higher annual fees (although not always). Ok, so why would you pay more per year for a gold credit card when a regular card might do the job.

The real answer is two things:

  1. Higher monthly spending limit (as I mentioned above)
  2. Rewards programs

You will generally see much higher monthly spending limits on a gold credit card which, if you have the income to support it, will allow you to get access to a great deal more credit.

The other item is rewards programs. Now, if you're going to be spending money on your credit card each month you want to be getting the most out of every dollar you spend. There are all kinds of different rewards programs. Some cards have a cashback program where you can literally get paid back directly a % of the amount of money you spend. Other gold credit cards will provide you with airline flights and hotel accommodation when you spend enough on the cards.

So you might be thinking, ok really? Am I going to have to spend $200,000 in order to get a free flight from Sydney to Melbourne? The answer is no, it's not nearly that bad. You don't have to spend much at all to get free flights. In fact, the beauty of some of the gold credit cards available today are that they will even provide you with MORE than 1 frequent flyer point for every dollar you spend.

Where To Get Them

You can pick up some of these credit cards locally, but it is much more beneficial to secure them online, because you can choose from a wide range of options and credit card companies to ensure you are getting the better card for your situation.

Have a look through our current top rated gold credit cards below for June 2018 and pick the one that suits you the most!!

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