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Platinum credit cards are available from a variety of Australian companies and are usually have much higher spending limits and much better reward programs than other credit cards. Of course, they are also used as a status symbol and because they are still quite rare you'd be very surprised how easy it is to actually qualify for a platinum credit card these days.

Platinum Credit Cards from Leading Lenders

When platinum credit cards were first issued by credit card companies, they were highly limited (and sought after) and only those that had high credit scores were able to qualify for them. Today, many of these platinum credit cards offer lower interest rates and often they offer platinum cards to people with good or better credit.

A good example of a leading company providing a platinum credit card is American Express. American Express is well known for their platinum credit cards and the rewards they offer.

American Express offers The Platinum Credit Card which offers some good opportunities for rewards. Here are some of the benefits of this particular credit card (though remember that every credit card company's platinum credit card line will have different features.)

  • Competitive, low interest rates on credit card usages.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Professional travel services including the ability to access airport clubs, fine hotels and resorts, lower domestic travel fares for you and for your companions and cruise privileges.
  • Stay at limited access villas and take part in various preferred car rental and destination vacations that you may not have had otherwise.
  • You also get specialised local dining and shopping offers exclusive to credit card holders.
  • Access to premium seats at sporting events.
  • Fitness club memberships, magazines.
  • Protections including card rental loss and damage, global assist, roadside assistance, purchase protection and accident protection.
  • Rewards programs that allow you to enjoy perhaps some of the best rewards available, including high end retail, travel, flights and much more. The platinum credit cards will often give you more points for each dollar you spend than any other kind of card.
  • All credit card standards in management including online bill pay and much more.

As you can see, the American Express platinum cards offer you a whole raft of some of the best benefits available today. You'll find countless opportunities to benefit from them, if you qualify for the card.

If you like the sound of this card then apply for the American Express Platinum Card online instantly at American Express.

Getting Platinum Credit Cards

For those with good credit scores, you can definitely benefit from platinum credit cards from reputable providers. You can find them here at this website and compare the offers that are available and apply.

Whenever you are considering getting a credit card, take the time to learn all about the card.

If you do not have the credit score to qualify for a platinum card just yet, you will, after having a regular or gold card for some time. Many of the platinum credit card offers make it highly valuable to be a member.

Here are the top rated platinum cards for June 2018 pick the one that suits you best!

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