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Forex trading is the process of trading foreign currencies.

Forex trading is a high risk form of investment but can be very lucrative if done well. Please be sure that you consult a financial advisor and only invest money into Forex which you can afford to lose (like all money marked for the high risk section of your investment portfolio).

Since the advent of the Internet, Forex trading has become a popular way to make money. Many people are investing in Forex as part-time traders from the comfort of their own homes. One of the benefits of Forex trading is investors only need minimum capital to start trading.

Home Forex trading can offer money-making opportunities and flexibility for part-time investors. All that is required to get started is a computer with an Internet connection, a few hundred dollars, and a Forex account. It is important to have some knowledge of the Forex market to ensure the right choices are made. Finding a top Forex trading broker who is knowledgeable and reliable can also make investments more profitable.

The Forex market is open 24 hours a day: home traders can make transactions anytime of the day. The four main trading centers are: New York, Tokyo, London, and Sydney, all have their own operating hours. The times of the days when the opening hours of two or more markets overlap are the best hours for trading.Start Trading Easy Forex Now

What you Will Find in This Section

We've prepared some informative articles, hints and tips so you can get your head around how Forex Trading works and listed an example of one forex platform in the market, easy forex.

Once you've done some research and learnt how it works it's relatively inexpensive to get started. You can actually start trading from as little as $100 and do it straight from your Australian bank account.

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